Perform Your Ecommerce
Business’s Freight Audit

In Seconds!

Eliminate overbilling, optimize logistics, and gain valuable data insights. Freight Squirrel proprietary software is the first on the market to accelerate your freight auditing processes down to as low as 4 seconds.

Losing Tens Of Thousands Yearly Is Absolutely Nuts*
*no pun intended, it really is…​

And the fact that it is not even your fault makes it 10 times worse…


Freight Squirrel: The Best Audit Software. Instant ROI

Freight Squirrel is an easy-to-use platform that provides you with a thorough freight audit in a matter of seconds. You will do the whole freight auditing process in-house and save money in the process.

freight auditing by Freight Squirrel

eCommerce Freight Audit Solutions

We provide freight audit solutions for eCommerce companies selling on eBay, Amazon, and other online sites.
Up till now, you’ve been doing the invoice audit process manually. You went line by line through each one to see if your courier messed up scanning the weight or dimensions of your package. Or you hired a third-party freight audit company to do this for you. In any case, the last thing you want is to pay extra fees when you could be adding a new product line.
That’s why you need a simple freight audit solution that will do all this for you at a fraction of the cost.

Freight Auditing:
One software, no hassle!

Freight Squirrel is a simple but shockingly effective program that can do the entire freight auditing process for you in seconds.

Do your freight auditing in-house; no more costly outsourcing! Simply send the report to your courier company to get your well-deserved refund!

freight auditing by Freight Squirrel
Follow Just 4 Simple Steps

Step 1

Upload your reports
Upload your courier invoice and the manifest or daily transaction report from your freight system. You must upload as an xlsx file in order for the software to read the data.
sept 27

Step 2

Set up your profile
Select the common row to add your consignment number, then the required comparison rows for Cost, Cubic, and Weight.
sept 27

Step 3

Sit back while Freight Squirrel does the hard part
Run the compare function, you’ll get a full report of all discrepancies in Cost, Cubic and weight for each consignment. You can sort each row as you like and generate a report for your courier as a PDF or exl file.
sept 27

Step 4

Send the report to your courier company to get your well-deserved refund
Once your report is generated, you can download and save it to your reports tab. When saved, it will automatically be added to your dashboard analytics. Send this report to your courier and ask them to explain the overcharges. 9 our of 10 times, you will get a refund.
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Futureproof Freight Audit Software
You’ll have an integrated platform that will save you from going through thousands of consignments. With our integrated platform, you will be able to store reports, detect inconsistencies in your invoices, and get a guaranteed refund. This software is all you need to automate your freight auditing process. You can also save these selections as a profile for a specific courier, & the next time you can upload by just selecting the profile for that courier with one click.

Detect overcharges even when weight & size comparisons are the same!
This software can not only detect inconsistencies in weight and size. It can also raise a red flag if there was an incorrect charge, even when there are no errors in the weight and cubic comparisons. That’s because the Freight Squirrel audit software will check ALL discrepancies between your current expenses and the freight base rate and instantly detect any overcharge. It has your back every time!

Do Your Freight Audit in Seconds

Watch this quick tutorial video to see how easy freight auditing is with Freight Squirrel

A company that’s been in your shoes

Like you, we ran an online store, so dealing with courier companies was a massive part of our business. But just like many other online stores, we were losing hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to freight miscalculations.
Rather than paying external companies or wasting hours on in-house freight auditing, we created a tool to do the entire process for us with as little effort as possible.

It’s called Freight Squirrel, your next freight audit software.

We’ve Been There
freight auditing by Freight Squirrel

In-depth Analysis report in seconds

Your Freight Squirrel Dashboard will show you the total of overcharges from your courier invoice and provide you with the exact details regarding the difference in dead weight, cubic weight and price. Here is an actual report we ran for one of our eCommerce companies. We gathered the courier invoices and the company’s freight CSV files to have all the data to compare the invoice charges against the freight information in the company’s freight system manifest. You are looking at just one week’s worth of overcharges from this client’s main courier.

The software compared each differential in size, weight and cost  and easily came up with discrepancies. This often happens, so don’t let external auditors take your hard-earned money. Even if Freight Squirrel finds no discrepancies, it just save you in staff costs or external auditors.

In-depth Analysis report in seconds

Total amount overcharged by
the courier calculated right
in front of you!


Reports can be filtered from
high to low to organize them
before you generate them.


The saved reports will be automatically added
to your dashboard analytics to access that
information whenever you want


Instantly see the actual weight difference
measured by your dispatch team and the
amount charged by your courier.


You’ll see the Total Cubic Difference.
You’ll know if your courier or team
did something wrong.


freight auditing by Freight Squirrel

Grow your business while your auditing
software handles your invoices!

As owners of some successful eCommerce businesses, we know how time-consuming certain routine tasks can be. You’re checking to add new improvements to your products, expanding into new markets, widening your customer base, and so much more.

But when it comes to those boring routine tasks like invoice auditing, you’re overwhelmed. That stack of invoices piles up on your desk or your hard drive, and you ask one of your staff members to check their accuracy.

But then your profit margins start shrinking, your shipping costs skyrocket, and you don’t know how to fix this. When you grab each invoice and check for discrepancies, you see some tiny, invisible errors in the invoice. You paid too much because they scanned your package wrong or you didn’t get the rates you should have!

It’s overwhelming, and it has a severe impact on your bottom line.
Besides, knowing your courier’s base rates is hard if you manage multiple shipments in different countries.

That’s why if you own an eCommerce company and use couriers, you must ensure a freight audit is done. Not just any freight auditing, though. Some third-party freight audit companies offer these services, but why not do it in-house with the latest software solution?

Let us handle your invoice audit while you take care of your business.

freight auditing by Freight Squirrel

Ask yourself what is your time worth to you?
Freight auditing is something that must be done if you own an ecommerce
business using couriers. Let us fully automate the process and completely
remove that headache for you.

Choose Your Pricing Plan

The Total Solution to your Biggest Headache.

freight auditing by Freight Squirrel

Audit your Invoices in the blink of an eye.

You’ll simply extract your courier invoice CSV and Freight System Manifest CSV for the same time period and upload to your Squirrel comparison engine.

This versatile platform allows you to upload your courier invoices, and it compares them thoroughly against your freight system to find any discrepancies in cost, deadweight, measurement, and more.

Dashboard Analytics

View graphed analytics for the total cost, cubic, and weight overcharges. Set up individual courier profiles and see which ones are the worst offenders.

Dashboard Analytics


Fully Automated Auditing

Enter your login details for your courier and freight system manifest, then let Freight Squirrel extract the required data for a fully automated reporting process. It will compare the data from your freight system manifest with your courier invoices.

ully Automated Auditing


Report Saving

Save all your reports with automatic date stamps for future reference. These reports are also added to your dashboard analytics so you can keep your freight system manifest updated with the latest information.

Report Saving


Report Sorting

Sort any row of the report from the highest to lowest overcharge. Download in PDF or CSV for your chosen sorting configuration.

Report Sorting


Future Updates

We’re currently working on a fully automated version of this software. You’ll be able to select the courier and freight system you use, and Freight Squirrel will download all the relevant information to generate your report. It’ll be a FULLY AUTOMATED process at a fraction of the cost!

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