About Us

About Us

Are you losing money on courier miscalculations?


What if you could complete the entire freight auditing process in just seconds? We’re excited that you chose us as your freight auditing solution.

As you know, handling multiple shipments from many countries worldwide is an ordeal, especially in a competitive eCommerce landscape. From courier invoices with outrageous mistakes to incurring additional charges because you’re located in a residential area… It can’t get more complicated than this.

We were in the
exact same situation.

freight auditing by Freight Squirrel

Who we are


We own a Melbourne-based pop culture store called Global Gear, a shop that ships pop culture items to grateful geeks across Australia.
Like you, we wanted to run a successful eCommerce company that served its customers to complete satisfaction while doing something we loved.
Unfortunately, there were some mishaps along the road.
Courier miscalculations were costing us over $2000 per month in courier overcharges. It was inconceivable that couriers would overcharge on shipments, since we expected them to serve us the way we serve our customers: with honesty and transparency.
Of course, these could have been OUR miscalculations. We might have measured the pack wrong or weighed it wrong, maybe we had outdated rate cards in our system. Maybe the courier has added surcharges for items over a certain size or weight or added remote location fees. Our software will let you know who is at fault for the overcharge and you can update your freight system accordingly. It can then choose the appropriate courier having all the correct information required to do so.
Or the problem could have been on the couriers’ side. Of course, our couriers probably didn’t mean to overcharge us, but courier measuring systems can be tricky. The courier measuring systems sometimes rounded up weights, or measured 2 boxes together when scanned thus driving up our shipping costs.
They were also making errors that kept piling up until it became too costly for our business to operate in this way.
Every time we set up our shipment and specified the exact shipping carton weight, our courier would round it up. We had to deal with hundreds, sometimes thousands of cartons for each load, and every additional cent cost us many more.
But these mistakes were difficult to detect because we could not handle making manual comparisons and focus on growing our business.
We had to find a solution.
We could either spend hours and hours poring over months of courier invoices searching for mistakes, or we could outsource this to freight audit companies that would do it for us… claiming a big chunk of our returns in the process.
We felt like we just couldn’t win.
That’s when we came up with an idea.
What if you could complete the entire freight audit process in-house in just seconds?
What if there was a tool that could compare courier invoices against one’s own freight system manifest with just the click of a button?
We set to work turning this idea into reality.
And so, Freight Squirrel was born.
With just one click, Freight Squirrel can complete the entire process in the time it takes to sip your morning coffee!

We can help


We know that you rely on your team to do the invoice audits, searching line by line for errors or miscalculations. You’re constantly checking for shipping inconsistencies, courier errors, and everything that can drive the price of your shipping up and shrink your profit margins.
In any case, you’re either wasting time asking employees to do tasks they could easily automate or losing thousands of dollars to freight audit companies that could go bust and negatively impact your business.
Why throw away your profits if these things happen? It’s not your fault they’re overcharging you, so why should you have to fix it? Freight Squirrel can help.
You will have a complete record of your invoices and freight system manifest in one software. We will never tamper with it. With this freight auditing software, you will:
● Avoid third-party freight auditing companies that charge exorbitant fees, which will impact your bottom line.
● Get a complete report of the discrepancies between your invoice and freight systems.
● Automate the process of importing your freight data and comparison reports so that you can focus entirely on your business.
● Spend more time growing a sustainable business and less time with the draining task of manual invoice audits or 3PL audits.


We help eCommerce companies automate their freight auditing process and find discrepancies in their invoices in seconds.


We aim to become the leader in automated freight auditing solutions for eCommerce companies that sell on eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and other eCommerce channels.

freight auditing by Freight Squirrel

Ask yourself what is your time worth to you?
Freight auditing is something that must be done if you own an ecommerce
business using couriers. Let us fully automate the process and completely
remove that headache for you.

The Nuts and Bolts

Check out this in-depth explainer video to get a better idea of how it all works. You’ll be amazed by how simple this software is:

Freight Squirrel is here to help you maximize your productivity, save you thousands of dollars, and automate the entire audit process for you!