Accountants Vs. Auditing Software: The Best Option For Ecommerce Auditing

With the rise of eCommerce around the globe, the whole concept of eCommerce freight auditing came into existence. No matter what kind of eCommerce setup you own, you will need a service provider that can handle your setup financial reporting successfully.

Considering the overall options an eCommerce store has today, choose one of the two possible streams.

You can either hire a personalized accountant with years of experience in the relative fields, or you can go with an easy-to-use and fast auditing software.

The choice is yours, but you must understand, this choice can affect your eCommerce in various ways.

Both hiring an accountant or using the software have pros and cons of their own. Some prefer using an accountant over software.

They consider the years of auditing experience of an accountant a plus point over the software. At the same time, others prefer auditing software because of its fast response pace and easy-to-use nature.

But before making a final choice for your business, it is better to compare both options. To makes things easier for you, we have already done that for you.

Accountants: the pros and cons

The whole concept of introducing auditing software was based on the effort to automize this division as much as possible. To reduce the human interaction in the auditing business and to reduce the chances of error as much as possible.

So far, software like the Freight Squirrel auditing software has been able to achieve this quite successfully.

But still, there are companies and eCommerce stores out there that prefer hiring a professional accountant to take care of all their financial accounting and related matters to keep their eCommerce setup in line.

To some extent, the decision is also justifiable in many ways. The accountant possesses years of experience and professionalism in his portfolio as well.

This experience set can prove to be a valuable asset for complex auditing terms and techniques based on the type of consignment parameters set.

But still, the ratio of error in accountant-based financial calculations is much higher than in high-end auditing software such as the Freight Squirrel auditing software.

Also, data privacy and security aren’t offered or guaranteed by even the best accountants in their respective fields.

Auditing software: Is it worth it?

The most preferred option around the globe for freight auditing services is using software and leading freight financial auditing software such as the Freight Squirrel auditing software allows the user to get a verified financial audit report in a matter of seconds.

What’s more impressive is the fact that all the auditing techniques and rules used by such software are acceptable and verified by competent auditing authorities.

That’s why getting approval on your financial audit report isn’t something you need to worry about when using auditing software like Freight Squirrel.

Secondly, one cannot ignore the level of security and customization this amazing software offers. In eCommerce, leads are the most important type of data an eCommerce setup can have.

Accidentally getting the leads data leaked to the competitors means the end of the whole product range in a matter of minutes.

That’s why data privacy is something that must be considered while deciding with either going with an accountant or software.

With human error increasing the chance of data leakage, auditing software is the best option one can opt for.

Accountants vs. Software: the final note

Now that we fully understand the possible pros and cons of using auditing software or hiring a professional accountant for eCommerce financial auditing, this is the best time to evaluate both available options.

Hiring an accountant can overall help the whole auditing process because the accountant will have years of experience in this domain. This will help them to tackle the issue more effectively. But lack of data privacy and slow paces are major consequences that must be considered.

On the other hand, a high-end auditing software like Freight Squirrel is a complete package.

Think of it as a professional accountant with years of experience who offers data privacy, fast-paced processing, and parameters customization.

The whole decision of either going with option A or option B depends upon the size and scale of the eCommerce setup one has.

If the setup falls under the category of smaller and easy-to-handle arrangements, then hiring an accountant would be a better option. But high-end e-commerce setups and corporations must choose the auditing software for fast-paced and accurate results, also ensuring data safety and privacy.

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