Freight Squirrel Audit: Making Ecommerce Auditing Easy

As an e-commerce business owner, it is tricky to handle every operation on your own as you must supervise production, marketing ideas, customer satisfaction, and a hundred other things. Freight bills might become a heavy burden that lags your business behind if you don’t get proper auditing reports.

You don’t have time to waste on every single detail. That’s why we are here to provide you with a good solution that could make e-commerce freight auditing easier and manageable for you.

When you are looking for a convenient solution for freight auditing, clearly Freight Squirrel is the answer. You can count on our freight auditing software for bill-checking freight audits.

Freight Squirrel is a capable freight auditing software that allows you to analyse thousands of courier invoices within seconds by comparing the bills with your freight system manifest and showing you definite results.

Freight Squirrel understands:

Like you, the creators of Freight Squirrel faced the same challenges in the e-commerce business world. The inexplicable courier shipping costs caused our e-commerce company several repercussions, and it was too tough to catch errors and pinpoint every mistake manually.

Hence, our company understands where you are coming from by going through the same experiences and cycle of chaos caused by freight charges. We didn’t want any other e-commerce businesses that sell on online platforms like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and other sites to lose money the way we did.

So, we came up with the idea of Freight Squirrel. Freight Squirrel is an easy-to-use software that would save e-commerce businesses from overpaying freight bills and relying on expensive and unaffordable third-party freight audit firms to calculate the invoices.

Freight Squirrel allows you to do bill checking freight audits in-house on your own. Our software cuts down the time consumption and saves you both extra money and never-ending effort. With Freight Squirrel at your service, you won’t have to worry about miscalculation anymore.

What can Freight Squirrel offer for optimal freight auditing?

Freight Squirrel can offer you more than you can think. It can help you figure out whether an error occurred from your side, or your courier company made a mistake. After all, shipping consignments all over the world to your customers isn’t an easy task.

Mistakes could occur on both sides regarding the package dimensions, weight, and other aspects that allow the courier company to overcharge. You must look out for your courier company’s policies and rates beforehand so that later you can ensure that your billing is rendered according to the agreed-upon negotiations.

Comparisons done in seconds:

Freight Squirrel will help you identify errors made both from your side and your courier company’s side. You can compare thousands of invoices with your freight system manifest in a flash and figure out your next step accordingly.

Additional charges:

Freight Squirrel helps you identify any additional charges that the courier company might add to your invoice by mistake and effectively catches all prominent and minor errors.

Convenient operation:

Freight Squirrel software is super easy to operate. You can instantly learn to run the software and conveniently upload your CVS files. After uploading the CVS files, you can upload the courier invoices. Then, you add basic information like cubic and weight, etc., of your package. Clicking on the compare button gives you a detailed freight audit report.

Reasonable pricing:

Freight Squirrel offers reasonable pricing packages for using this incredible automation software that helps you to secure your revenues and invest them in profitable opportunities to expand your business.


This freight auditing software offers the below-mentioned features:

  • Dashboard Logistics
  • Automation
  • Records of Saved Reports
  • Classification of reports
  • Reports downloading

The complete automated process allows you to receive quick reports that are fully detailed. Your dashboard displays logistics and analytics that help keep track of invoice errors and sort out courier companies based on their compatibility. You can easily save reports with their dates and separate them categorically, simplifying things for you. Downloading and directly sending audit reports to your courier company has never been easier.

Final Thoughts:

After facing the same challenges in the e-commerce market, we decided to help other e-commerce businesses like us who struggle daily with freight bills and want to regulate their profits without losing a single dollar to a courier company due to overcharging.

We created Freight Squirrel thoughtfully, so you can focus on your business while the software takes care of the courier invoices. A fully automated program allows you to save time and money and direct that hard work plus investment towards the betterment of your business. You don’t need to take risks by manually trying to spot faults in the bills that could be minor and inconceivable or pay third-party firms’ big cash to do the work. Get Freight Squirrel and help yourself today by letting it handle your freight auditing.


Why getting an audit report is crucial for your eCommerce setup?

In today’s era, e-commerce businesses are ruling the world. You can surely make a fortune out of a small business if you manage to run it successfully. However, there are various challenges that a business owner must face to set up an e-commerce business and oversee its operations.

One of the most significant aspects of running a business smoothly is to keep the finances under check and control. So, if you are a business owner then, you must remain alert about your investments.

Freight bills are one of the reasons why various e-commerce companies lose huge sums of money each month. You are obligated to pay the courier/carrier service providers the agreed shipping charges after delivering your products to the customer. However, most times, e-commerce companies pay the courier service providers more money than they should due to multiple errors that often occur in the freight bill.

Now, to manage the thousand plus invoices, you need a comprehensive report that systematically categorizes each detail mentioned in the invoice. For this, a bill-checking freight audit report is crucial for your online store to thrive.

Without a detailed audit report, you could play into the hands of the courier company. You don’t have to lose your hard-earned money by paying extra for freight bills which is why getting an audit report is super significant for your business to generate sizeable revenues.

Common mistakes that occur in freight bills:

Several mistakes can occur in freight bills causing a massive dropping in profits in the e-commerce companies.

Accessorial fees:

Accessorial fees include the charges rendered for providing additional services that surpass the standard delivery service. The shipper may consist of charges for out-of-route miles, detention, oversized package, driver assist, lift gate, redelivery, yard pulls, etc. More charges could be included in the invoice for several accessorial services. Therefore, it is best to watch out for these dues. Miscalculations often occur while sorting out the accessorial charges. So, you must check them out carefully.

Base rates:

Base rate is determined for shipping a consignment from one location to another. Making mistakes in calculating freight dues with the correct base rates could cause over-charging.

Incorrect freight classification:

Incorrect freight classification plays a major role in miscalculations. The errors made in determining the correct dimensions, weight, and density of the package, etc., can add quite a bit of money to your freight invoice.

Duplicate freight bills:

Duplicate freight bills cause confusions that could make you pay twice or more for a single shipment. Errors like these are common and should be identified in time to avoid overpaying the shipment company.

Incorrect input of data:

Incorrect input of figures added to your freight invoice from the shipper’s side could cause you to pay extra charges that you are not obliged to pay at all. Many other errors besides the ones we discussed occur in the freight bills. If you wish to counter any problem that might come up in your invoice then, you must get a freight audit report regularly.

How to get freight auditing done? 

To get a freight audit report for your freight bills, you would need to either put together a team of specialists who would do freight auditing in-house or hire a third-party service provider that would do the work for you. The third and easiest option would be getting freight auditing software.

Doing audits in-house would be challenging and time-consuming. Your team would have to double-check everything line by line and identify errors, still leaving room for mistakes to occur. However, you could hire the services of a company that specializes in freight auditing. But would you be able to bear the expenses?

Well, it wouldn’t be profitable for business owners to hire expensive services of a third-party for bill checking freight audit when you could do it yourself in-house using freight auditing software.

Freight auditing software tool is the most efficient way of checking thousands of invoices within seconds, and you don’t need to put together a special team of experts to do this or pay extra cash to others for taking care of your freight bills.

What software should I use for freight auditing?

There are many software tools available in the market that you could use for freight auditing. However, Freight Squirrel is one of the top software tools to use for this task. Freight Squirrel allows you to sort out thousands of your freight bills within 4 seconds. In short, it’s fast, efficient, affordable, and convenient.

Final Thoughts:

As an e-commerce business owner, you must keep track of your shipments and freight invoices. Auditing is an essential aspect of business that maintains and regulates your profits. Therefore, you must get a freight audit report for your freight bills.


Five Ways to Improve The Financial Health of Your Organization

Small businesses that are financially stable contribute to a country’s economy and further expand their company by maintaining their financial standing. Overall, this era of internet technology has completely evolved businesses. Popular e-commerce platforms attract all small business giants to sell products online and develop their reputation globally.

New businesses quickly find a platform to set up their e-commerce organization and get amongst the competition. However, all established companies going through the developing stages, need a plan. Having an effective strategy and plan to counter any financial problem and fulfil all financial needs is the right solution to deal with the overall finance management so that your venture finds stability and growth.

Appropriate management of finance is the key to running any successful business. So as an e-commerce business owner, you must pay attention to the financial health and stable growth of your organization. It does not matter what business you have, as proper financial management is a primary requirement of every company to reach its goals and thrive in the competitive market.

By following our top 5 tips we can help you control and regulate the financial health of your business.

Freight Audit Software:

Freight auditing software can help you calculate your freight bills accurately without spending hours reading invoices line-by-line. Freight bills force companies to lose their hard-earned profits as the courier/carrier service providers overcharge retailers by making errors in the calculations. An automation system like Freight Squirrel would be highly beneficial for your business. It would allow you to spend more time focusing on other crucial things rather than wasting time and money on freight auditing by making your employees or a third-party company do it for you.

Bill checking freight audit can be very tricky. If it is being done manually, multiple mistakes will arise. However, fully automated software that sorts out all the miscalculations and catches every minor flaw by comparing invoices can save you from overpaying.

Using Freight Squirrel will help you spend your money accurately without overpaying, ultimately saving your profits and regulating the cash flow.

Manage Working Capital Cycle:

Manage your working capital cycle by collecting debt from your receivables allowing you to conveniently settle your payables and other outstanding debts. The receivable collection period should not exceed your decided credit period term because you would be liable to pay your debts using the company’s finance reserves or retained profits which is not a healthy sign for the company’s growth.

Also, beware of bad debts as bad debts can seriously damage the liquidity ratio of the company. Therefore, always collect your debts on time so you can pay your outstanding debts before the interest rates damage your financial cycle.

Warehouse management:

For running smooth operations of the overall business, your warehouse management matters immensely. You must manage your storage costs cleverly by successfully meeting the lead time.

Your storage costs include:

  • Rent payments.
  • Electricity bills.
  • Other utility bills.
  • Space occupied by unsold goods.
  • Skilled and unskilled laborers.
  • Fixed overhead expenditures.

Once you develop an efficient supply chain department to maintain the inventory system, you will have fewer hard times dealing with the warehouse procedures and storage costs.

Also, it is necessary to reduce the storage and holding costs of the inventory. If the storage and holding costs are high, it could impact your business profits adversely. Due to the increased holding costs, there will be less space to store more inventory goods, and fixed overheads incurred will be paid directly from your pocket.

To eliminate the risk of high storage and holding cost, inventory should be delivered on time. Damaged or obsolete purchases should be returned to the manufacturer immediately before generating a well-received note/gate pass by carefully inspecting them and finding issues on time.

In unsold inventory, you should not hold them for a longer period and quickly sell the products in sale. You can also go for purchase return contracts with the manufacturer through which if the clients do not accept the effects for some reason, you can safely return them to the manufacturer.

Use advanced marketing tactics:

You might want to use advanced marketing tactics like fully utilizing social media platforms rather than investing money in outdated marketing techniques.

Social media marketing is the number one way to outreach customers. Several social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, and even TikTok can be used for marketing. You can use Facebook ads, hire influencers to spread the word for you, and let your social media manager handle other online campaigns that make your business stand out.

Therefore, investing money in a technique that can help you generate sizeable profits is a smart choice instead of spending it on fruitless marketing tactics like billboard signs, banners, and TVC. Such methods make you lose finance over costly traditional marketing techniques.

Adequate Capital Structure Maintenance:

The capital structure is the overall debt investments and equity raised by a company to finance its routine operations. Debt can be collected in debentures or loans. Bond issues and equity can be increased when the stocks are issued in the primary or secondary market in the form of common stocks or preferred stocks.

Therefore, to avoid experiencing financial problems, capital injection is essential. Introducing more debt and equity into the business or by reinvesting a large proportion of the profits in the form of retained earnings, the capital structure of your company runs smoothly. Hence, it helps you to improve and maintain the financial health of your organization.

Final Thoughts:

To improve the financial position of your company, you must take thoughtful steps. You could also consult a professional advisor that might guide you in identifying your company’s financial needs. Your business cannot thrive without a proper monetary structure and planning. So, focus on various areas of your business that are consuming extra costs and invest that money by cutting down those costs in better and more beneficial solutions to upgrade your finance game.


Freight Squirrel Audit: The Complete Guide

After the internet was introduced to people around the globe, many things changed. It’s like we all magically jumped a thousand years ahead of our time in the blink of any eye.

The amount of knowledge that is now accessible for the public is truly amazing. All you need is a smart device that can access the internet.

But this is not the only domain that was affected by the rise of the internet. One thing that was changed forever was trade. Or, more appropriately put, the whole concept of ‘borderless trade.’

No matter where you are, if you want to get a desired product or service, all you need to do is fill in a few forms and click some links.

And your desired product service or product will be in front of you in a short period. This led to the development of the whole eCommerce industry as we all know it today and the need for freight auditing services.

Freight auditing software can do this task up to perfection and here’s why it’s the best!

Four seconds is all it takes

There is plenty of auditing software out there in the market. With the rising need for freight auditing services, the number of software companies that try to replicate our services also multiplied dramatically. But we both know; quality is always better than quantity. You may find software with cheaper monthly or annual subscription charges than the Freight Squirrel auditing software. But when you compare the results of both the software, you can see the discrepancies generated by the former software.

This is quite often because software programs like these aren’t interested in following the exact rules and techniques devised by the auditing authority.

They only focus on lowering the overall cost and working dynamics of the software. This leaves a ton of issues behind the source code of the software. As a result, we can easily check what happens by using such unfit software.

On the other hand, the Freight Squirrel audit software is built up to perfection following every rule and regulation mentioned by the competent auditing authority of the region.

This allows our software to generate a 100% error-free final audit report in only four seconds!

Offering parameters customization

There aren’t many auditing software programs out there that offer parameters customization and there’s a solid reason behind it, as most auditing software isn’t built to handle such level of complexity.

They are only designed to make sure that somehow the final report that’s generated is free of discrepancies. This causes a lot of questions on the overall credibility of such software as well.

But here’s why not being able to customize the parameters can corrupt or alter such software’s overall precise result generation abilities.

For any consignment, three parameters lay the foundation of freight auditing. The overall cost of each entry, the weight of each entry, and the cubic volume of each entry.

Once the entry is put into the system, most of the software locks it in. As a result, whenever the entry parameter is changed, the overall structure of the audit report gets corrupted.

Think of it as an extra feature that isn’t included in most of the software.

On the other hand, the Freight Squirrel auditing software allows users to customize each parameter for each entry of every single consignment as many times as they want. The final audit report will always be audit-free.

Privacy at its best

As a successful eCommerce setup owner, you already understand how the whole idea of leads customization works. In this business, leads are probably the most sensitive type of data that can’t be leaked at all costs. A slight negligence or error in the system and your competitor will charge you with all its might. In this business, we all understand the level of competition one faces.

To get a finalized freight audit report, you will need to show your leads and related data.

If you decide to go with an accountant, the risk of having this leaked gets even higher. There are individuals out there who can leak the data to your competitor for a fixed amount. That’s why choosing a trusted auditing software, such as the Freight Squirrel auditing software is the best option you can opt for.

The safety and privacy-oriented structure of the software allows you to input and access your data manually and only if you’re one of the authorized personals. This increases the chances of keeping your important company data always secure.


Accountants Vs. Auditing Software: The Best Option For Ecommerce Auditing

With the rise of eCommerce around the globe, the whole concept of eCommerce freight auditing came into existence. No matter what kind of eCommerce setup you own, you will need a service provider that can handle your setup financial reporting successfully.

Considering the overall options an eCommerce store has today, choose one of the two possible streams.

You can either hire a personalized accountant with years of experience in the relative fields, or you can go with an easy-to-use and fast auditing software.

The choice is yours, but you must understand, this choice can affect your eCommerce in various ways.

Both hiring an accountant or using the software have pros and cons of their own. Some prefer using an accountant over software.

They consider the years of auditing experience of an accountant a plus point over the software. At the same time, others prefer auditing software because of its fast response pace and easy-to-use nature.

But before making a final choice for your business, it is better to compare both options. To makes things easier for you, we have already done that for you.

Accountants: the pros and cons

The whole concept of introducing auditing software was based on the effort to automize this division as much as possible. To reduce the human interaction in the auditing business and to reduce the chances of error as much as possible.

So far, software like the Freight Squirrel auditing software has been able to achieve this quite successfully.

But still, there are companies and eCommerce stores out there that prefer hiring a professional accountant to take care of all their financial accounting and related matters to keep their eCommerce setup in line.

To some extent, the decision is also justifiable in many ways. The accountant possesses years of experience and professionalism in his portfolio as well.

This experience set can prove to be a valuable asset for complex auditing terms and techniques based on the type of consignment parameters set.

But still, the ratio of error in accountant-based financial calculations is much higher than in high-end auditing software such as the Freight Squirrel auditing software.

Also, data privacy and security aren’t offered or guaranteed by even the best accountants in their respective fields.

Auditing software: Is it worth it?

The most preferred option around the globe for freight auditing services is using software and leading freight financial auditing software such as the Freight Squirrel auditing software allows the user to get a verified financial audit report in a matter of seconds.

What’s more impressive is the fact that all the auditing techniques and rules used by such software are acceptable and verified by competent auditing authorities.

That’s why getting approval on your financial audit report isn’t something you need to worry about when using auditing software like Freight Squirrel.

Secondly, one cannot ignore the level of security and customization this amazing software offers. In eCommerce, leads are the most important type of data an eCommerce setup can have.

Accidentally getting the leads data leaked to the competitors means the end of the whole product range in a matter of minutes.

That’s why data privacy is something that must be considered while deciding with either going with an accountant or software.

With human error increasing the chance of data leakage, auditing software is the best option one can opt for.

Accountants vs. Software: the final note

Now that we fully understand the possible pros and cons of using auditing software or hiring a professional accountant for eCommerce financial auditing, this is the best time to evaluate both available options.

Hiring an accountant can overall help the whole auditing process because the accountant will have years of experience in this domain. This will help them to tackle the issue more effectively. But lack of data privacy and slow paces are major consequences that must be considered.

On the other hand, a high-end auditing software like Freight Squirrel is a complete package.

Think of it as a professional accountant with years of experience who offers data privacy, fast-paced processing, and parameters customization.

The whole decision of either going with option A or option B depends upon the size and scale of the eCommerce setup one has.

If the setup falls under the category of smaller and easy-to-handle arrangements, then hiring an accountant would be a better option. But high-end e-commerce setups and corporations must choose the auditing software for fast-paced and accurate results, also ensuring data safety and privacy.


Does Freight Audit Software Allow Parameters Customization?

In eCommerce, especially in the last decade, freight auditing has become an important step to keep the business model effective.

Most of the time, courier services are always looking for a point to score some invalid profit like submitting overcharged or incomplete invoices.

Now, being a successful e-commerce site that puts its heart and soul into delivering every single parcel, you have two options. First, you can approve this overcharging or overbilling.

You may think that these small overbilling will not affect your store that much. But considering the bigger picture, these small miscalculations and irregular invoices can damage your site’s overall reputation unimaginably. In seconds, you can set up auditing software, like Freight Auditing Auditing Solutions in your warehouse.

This will allow you to get a verified and workable audit report for each consignment. Therefore, you can question and oppose this overbilling by sending them the official report. The software also allows you to customize consignment parameters.

What kind of parameter customization is offered by the Freight Squirrel Audit Software?

As one of the leading auditing software companies globally, freight squirrel audit software allows parameter customization options for each consignment. These three parameters are as follows.

  • Firstly, for each consignment, the Freight Squirrel audit software allows the user to manually adjust the overall cost of the whole consignment or even individual entries. This allows the user to compare multiple consignments or entries in the end—all based on whether there are any discrepancies mentioned in the final report.
  • Secondly, we have the cubic customization option. In terms of freight, cubic defines the overall volume of the consignment or individual entry. The cubic parameter customization is usually pinpointed when there are multiple cubic entries within a single consignment.
  • Thirdly, the overall weight of each consignment or entry. Generally, the criteria for placing multiple entries in a single consignment are the weight of each package. This helps the workers to sort various packages in the warehouse. That’s why the weight parameter customization is specifically added in Freight Squirrel auditing software.

Is parameter customization even important?

In simple words, yes, it is. Let’s say you hire an accountant or buy some auditing software to get an audit report whenever the time demands. One day, there are a bunch of discrepancies located in one of the major consignments.

After an initial investigation of the data, you know that some consignments’ weight was mistakenly written wrong. This was corrupting the entire final audit report.

Now, if you have hired an accountant to do the job, we both know how much he’ll charge for a simple change in the final audit report. It’s just too expensive to be workable. On the other hand, if you have bought software that doesn’t allow parameter customization, you’re facing an even bigger issue.

Due to the software not having the parameter customization feature, you’ll need to manually insert each entry with the right parameters which is time consuming and tedious.

Keeping in mind all these factors mentioned above, Freight Squirrel auditing software decided that it was time to completely change this obsolete system.

That’s why Freight Squirrel auditing software allows the user to change certain sections of weight, cubic, and cost parameters of any consignment or entry.

But isn’t parameter customization illegal?

We don’t know why, but this is one of the most asked questions here. Before answering these questions, let us discuss what is illegal and legally based on prevailing auditing laws.

According to law, every eCommerce store needs a verified final audit report to claim any overbilling or overcharge.

Remember, there must be no discrepancy in the audit report as the data will be thoroughly checked and evaluated by the related regulating authority.

The audit report must be generated using authorized auditing software such as the Freight Squirrel audit software or a chartered accountant.

Some certain laws and techniques must be followed while auditing the freight consignments.

Lastly, the final audit report must not be altered in any way possible. The slightest change will be caught eventually as it will disrupt the complete structure of the audit report.

You can’t alter parameter structures as authorities may contact or visit your warehouse to ensure that everything is in line. The same thing goes with using the audit report to counter any overcharging or overbilling claim.


Changing the Ecommerce Financial Reporting With Freight Squirrel Auditing Software

The whole eCommerce industry is considered one of the greatest marvels of the internet. Sitting in your living room and ordering stuff from another continent that is delivered to your doorstep within a few days. It is almost like magic in its purest form.

According to verified worldwide eCommerce statistics, in the year 2021, the eCommerce industry is estimated at around 4.89 trillion USD!

That’s like the total amount generated by combining the whole economic worth of the world’s major superpowers. According to experts, there is a certain reason why this industry grew.

The comfort that’s included for the user. Just a few clicks are all one needs to order their favourite products.

But what seems to be convenient for the user is the most challenging part to be executed for an eCommerce store owner and staff.

Keeping the orders in line, packaging and dispatching stuff, keeping in touch with the courier service provider. There’s too much to handle without proper support and guidance, especially financial reporting for your consignments.

And this is where Freight bill checking software is changing the whole picture. This software is all you need to keep your financial reports in a manageable and accurate condition.

What do we do differently?

We are often asked this question. Out of all the other auditing software programs available in the market, what makes Freight Squirrel Auditing Software special or different than the others?

According to our experts, the secret lies in the two amazing techniques and practices the Freight Squirrel auditing software follows.

Firstly, we believe in keeping the data of each user as secure as possible. There’s no way our software is mistakenly going to leak out some data unless authorized to do so.

That’s why our whole software is based around our goal of achieving the highest possible level of data encryption that can only be accessed by authorized personal.

This is the same reason why the number of the authorized people that can be registered with the software is very limited.

Secondly, we have designed the Freight  Auditing Software to be adaptable to any parameter of entry change according to the user’s requirement.

No matter what kind of changes you want to make at the last minute whether it be cubic, weight, or even the cost, Freight Squirrel auditing software will automatically adapt to the new changes introduced. This will allow you to get a verified and discrepancies-free financial audit report.

Do we follow the formulated auditing rules?

Of course, we do. This lays the very foundation of the error-free financial auditing services we offer. The most important advantage of using software for financial auditing is that you can manually set the regions and countries on high-end software such as the Freight Auditing Software.

Changing the region of the software will allow the user to get a verified final freight audit report following the dedicated financial auditing rules and techniques issued by the respective audit regulating authority.

In other words, you’re going to get the most accurate freight audit report no matter which region your eCommerce site is working in if you’re using the Freight Squirrel audit software.

Also, following certain auditing principles is important to keep everything legal. The final audit report is going to be verified by a related auditing authority as well.

That’s why any forced discrepancy or miscalculation can also result in legal actions taken against your eCommerce setup.

Directing the future of financial freight audit software

Not very long ago, there was a time when accountants were the only option available for ecommerce businesses. This increased the risk of potential error as well as the possibility of important data getting leaked out.

This was the only option for freight auditing for quite some time until the concept of auditing software was introduced.

We are glad to state that the Freight Squirrel auditing software was one of the pioneer auditing software companies that laid the foundation of the financial industry and business-based auditing.

Freight Squirrel auditing software is leading in this industry. That’s why we focus on introducing new and better features. The whole concept of parameter customization and encrypted data-keeping are features that we have contributed to the financial freight audit software industry.

And according to our vision, the Freight Squirrel Auditing Software will continue to do so.


Three easy ways to operate Freight Squirrel Auditing Software

With the beginning of the 21st century, certain things changed. Even today, we can’t exactly estimate the overall impact of changes and new inventions the 21st century brought with it. But one thing is clear; it pushed us many millennia forward than our time. One thing that was made accessible for the public was the Internet.

Just imagine sitting in a room in NYC and video calling your friend across the globe. This shows just how much we have progressed compared to a couple decades ago.

But the Internet wasn’t only an all-knowing platform with knowledge on any topic and accessible to anyone. It opened new pathways of cross-border trade, what we call eCommerce today.

You can be residing in another country and ordering stuff from a whole another continent and get it delivered to your doorstep.

This therefore raised the crucial need for freight auditing services. If you don’t have a perfect freight auditing management system like Freight Auditing Software, courier companies can take a big chunk from your budget. Here’s how you can operate the Freight Squirrel auditing software in 3 easy steps to ensure you don’t get overcharged.

  • Uploading all the required data

The first step of the whole operation is also the most important one. First, you will need to install and set up the software in the main warehouse server. This will allow the software to automatically extract and arrange comparative data for the future on its own. Next, upload the relevant data to the system database. Remember, the software can only interpret any uploaded data contained within an xlsx file. In other words, a Microsoft Excel file.

The data must contain any relevant invoices or transaction reports (daily). As soon as the data is uploaded, the software will safely encrypt the data in their relative column before moving to the next step.

Before accessing the final audit report, the software will also cross-check and verify data as soon as it is uploaded. This will allow you to eradicate any possible error or miscalculation in its initial stages. The important point to remember is that all the uploaded data is kept under strict privacy features. That’s why access to the software data will be limited to a few professionals only.

  • Adding parameters

Now is the time when the real action begins. The Freight Squirrel auditing software not only allows you to compare the invoices or data entries with predefined parameters, but it also has the feature to add certain parameters related to a consignment as well.

Let’s say, one day, the consignment contained 100 regular-size cardboard box packages. The software will allow you to upload the invoice xlsx file to keep data intact and comparable. But let’s say that the next day, the consignment contained some large and extra-large boxes as well.

In this case, most freight auditing software will show errors as the parameters set for the consignment are contrary or unclear based on the invoices.

But the Freight Squirrel audit software allows you to manually set parameters for each consignment later as well. As a result, the software automatically stores and runs the data for any standard error based on the parameters given. The parameters include cubic, cost, and weight of the consignment customization.

Each of these parameters is crucial to the credibility of the final audit report as these lay the foundation of the freight auditing of any consignment.

  • Extracting the final report

Lastly, all you need to do is get the final audit report for your dedicated consignment batches. Let us look at the final processes included the final report generation.

As soon as you run the ‘compare’ function, the internal algorithms of the software will begin their work.

The software will compare the relative consignment entries for cost, weight, and cubic parameters according to dedicated freight auditing laws and regulations.

The parameters can also be changed if any user-end error is found at the last moment.

After completing the comparing process, the software will generate a complete details report for discrepancies or errors found across any entries of the dedicated consignment.

Again, these discrepancies will be calculated across weight, cost, and cubic parameters.

At last, the user can also arrange and separate each of the entry’s discrepancy reports generated by the software in a pdf or xlsx.

This allows the user to access a verified audit report related to a specific consignment discrepancy.

This can now be sent to the courier service provider to dismiss any possible overcharging or fine.


Freight Squirrel Audit Software: Freight Audit in Just 4 Seconds

Many e-commerce businesses have taken over the traditional shopping market by storm. E-commerce promotes online selling and buying worldwide by pitching products to customers globally. The competition is fierce while various ventures try to survive online by providing multiple services and benefits to their customers.

You must have heard the phrase “Time is money” numerous times. There is no lie in it because time is a significant asset for those who want to achieve their goals and become the epitome of success. Therefore, as a business owner, you surely would not want to waste time doing things the hard way when they can be done quickly.

Such is our freight auditing software, Freight Squirrel that is built to provide you with convenience, a software system that automates the processes of freight auditing for you. You don’t have to break a sweat over thousands of invoices now because Freight Squirrel can take care of the laborious and time-consuming part for you.

Detriments of Freight bills without auditing:

There are several detriments of freight bills that your company could face if you do not correctly audit them. You could lose thousands of dollars each month, hindering the profit-earning margin of your business and harming the overall financial health of your entire enterprise. The primary and minor errors that casually occur in freight bills could ultimately affect your bottom line.

Hence, bill checking freight audit is a must for all e-commerce businesses. You need to pay attention to each invoice sent by your courier service provider to ensure no flaws in the calculations, and you are not overpaying the dues.

Everyday savings are not something that only households rely on. Thriving companies also rely on savings and maintaining profits to regulate cash flow. Your investments depend on how much finance you have under your belt. To keep everything in order, every single dollar counts. Therefore, you cannot be careless about freight bills at any cost.

Freight Squirrel shows results in 4 seconds:

Freight Squirrel is fast and efficient software that helps you calculate and compare freight invoices with your manifest freight system in four seconds. After all, “Time is money,” right? So, Freight Squirrel functions to honour this notion.

We understand that a busy business owner cannot afford to lose time over managing countless invoices in a single day when there are plenty of other things they could be supervising at the same time. Hence, place your trust in Freight Squirrel that shows innumerable discrepancies distinctly in a blink of an eye.

With Freight Squirrel auditing software, you do not need to burden your existing employees or put together new teams by hiring experts. You do not have to rely on costly third-party freight audit professionals and companies either. With Freight Squirrel, you will have the advantage of quickly auditing invoices in-house with complete accuracy.

Leaves no room for errors:

Freight Squirrel is always ready to help you. It doesn’t leave any room for errors. Humans are prone to making several mistakes. No matter how hard one works, there is always space for deviations and flaws that could lead to miscalculations of the freight invoices. Therefore, Freight Squirrel ensures that all data is analysed correctly, conforming to the up-to-date base rates and other valid information to give you an accurate, detailed report.

Easy to use software:

Freight Squirrel is easy to use software. You can get the hang of the entire system in few minutes and use it like a pro. With this tool, you will benefit from swiftly uploading the CSV files and invoices while the software automatically compares the invoices for you. With such convenience, you don’t have to look anywhere else because Freight Squirrel is the best option for you.

Offers cheap pricing:

Freight Squirrel offers affordable pricing plans for all e-commerce businesses. This software wants to help you boost your finances and accomplish great things while expanding your business. Therefore, the pricing plans are reasonable so that everyone can benefit from this sensational solution. You can invest in Freight Squirrel without a tinge of hesitation and trust it to do its job with precision and accuracy.

Final thoughts:

Freight Squirrel is the best auditing software for auditing invoices with precision in only 4 seconds. It sorts out all discrepancies apparent, cut and analyses all data according to the latest logistics. There is no reason why a business owner should compromise on their time or money and put the company’s future at risk. Thus, you can be rest assured that with Freight Squirrel, you will save time, and your venture would never have to pay a single dollar extra than the actual bill.


Freight Squirrel Audit Software: Our Journey

Freight Squirrel Auditing Software is the most suitable freight auditing software for e-commerce businesses that sell on Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. When you deal with an online business and have customers worldwide, your courier invoices often get mixed up. Sometimes you receive duplicate courier invoices, or you end up paying more than the actual payment due to miscalculations.

Such confusions are natural to occur in freight bills. Therefore, bill checking freight audit software is the only key to resolve all the issues to secure your profits from getting used up wrongly.

Our Journey:

We sell various pop culture items online to our customers all over Australia so, we deeply know and understand the pain points of a business owner.

Our journey was also filled with challenges. With our location-based in Melbourne, we used courier service for shipping items regularly. It took us some time to realize that thousands of dollars from our profits were used up in overpaying freight bills. We were being overcharged, and it was unbelievable that so much money was getting lost, merely because we did not have a proper system to recheck our invoices.

●     Struggling phase:

It is not easy to sit down and search for every error made in all freight bills. The task is daunting and complex. We couldn’t invest so much time in sorting out the freight invoices when we could indeed utilize the same time, improving our products and services for the customers. We felt stuck with the option of outsourcing the task to a third-party freight auditing firm. But that option was too costly for us. We couldn’t pursue such an expensive solution.

●     Finally, found an optimal solution:

It was time for us to think of something on our own. We needed a solution that would help save our money and allow us to audit thousands of confusing invoices in a matter of seconds. That’s when we came up with the idea of Freight Squirrel auditing software.

To come up with a convenient solution was our drive so, we finally accomplished it. With this automation tool, we rose above the mismanagement of the courier invoices and got perfect freight reports in only 4 seconds.

Freight Squirrel: A symbol of our hard work and success

Freight Squirrel is our symbol of hard work and success. After creating this stunning freight auditing software, we had to share it with the world. That’s why we decided to offer this tech to all e-commerce companies that can relate to our story and struggle with freight bills daily.

Freight Squirrel audit software is our pride because thanks to this software, we were able to overcome our adversities, and now, we know exactly where we stand. No more confusion or panic attacks due to complex freight auditing because we can quickly assess all invoices through this automatic program that analyses the logistics and gives us a ready-made report.

Freight Squirrel for everyone:

We are delighted to share our precious freight auditing software with everyone who needs a reliable system for auditing courier bills. Therefore, all e-commerce businesses are encouraged to check out Freight Squirrel. This software will make things super convenient for you.

Now, you can do in-house freight auditing without worrying about deadlines and mistakes. No errors or miscalculations would occur from your side, and you’ll be able to catch any flaw in the invoice with ease. By displaying all the discrepancies, Freight Squirrel will provide you with a comprehensive report with proper categorization.

You can easily download the freight report in a suitable format and directly send it to your courier company to claim corrections and refunds.

Freight Squirrel auditing software is:

  • Easily conceivable by a layperson who can master the program in 5 minutes
  • Straightforward and straightforward to use
  • Affordable for everyone
  • Quick and efficient
  • Best at analysing freight bills accurately
  • Helpful in saving money

Do not make the same mistakes we did:

We candidly advise you to not make the same mistakes that we did. We wasted so much of our time that eventually affected our performance, financial health, and plans for business expansion. If auditing your freight bills seems like an unimportant task, you are making a significant error by thinking this way.

Trusting your courier company is one thing but, to keep everything under your check is another matter. You should make sure that you pay the proper fee to the company and not give extra cash away.

Final Thoughts:

Freight Squirrel was created due to genuine issues that our own e-commerce company faced during our prime time. That’s why we are fully aware of your shortcomings and understand the need for this audit software more than anyone else. Freight Squirrel is completely capable of delivering accurate results in 4 seconds and can assist you in auditing like a pro. So, you can trust this software without a doubt.