Freight Squirrel Audit Software: All You Need To Know About The Best Auditing Software

It was January 1st, 1983. The day when the internet came into existence. At first, it was confined to government bodies and large-scale corporations.

Here’s a fun fact, even large-scale companies at that time didn’t know what to do with it. It was more like an inter-office communicator, that’s it.

But a little before the start of the 21st century, google was released for worldwide use in 1998. To fully explain this event, it is better to quote an expert directly.

According to one of the most renowned names of the IT industry, the launch of a fully functional Google Search Engine took us around 1000 years ahead of our time and is still taking us further.

As soon as the internet began to grow, business tycoons around the world spotted a huge opportunity to turn the dream of ‘trade without borders’ into a reality.

This idea led to the creation of the eCommerce industry as we know it today. Now, with the rise of eCommerce sites operating around the globe, freight audit services rose to new heights.

To tackle this high demand for freight auditing services, Freight Squirrel was made.

The motive behind freight squirrel auditing software

We are talking about a time when eCommerce was blooming tremendously. It was around a decade ago when every known retail company around the globe began to rush towards the concept of eCommerce.

But at that time, the freight auditing resources and techniques weren’t as effective as they are today. So, there was a possibility of eCommerce businesses breaking down on a global scale. To cope with this issue fast and effectively, we launched the first-ever freight auditing software.

At that time, auditing services were generally offered by accountants throughout the globe. Without a doubt, the auditing services provided by some of the renowned accountants were quite exceptional even under a time of immense pressure.

But on average, accountant-based auditing services weren’t suitable for eCommerce freight auditing. The human factor promotes chances of discrepancies in the final audit report. Adding onto this, the amount charged by average accountants for an audit report was quite an expensive deal. Other issues associated with accountant-based financial audit reporting included data leakage and fraud.

How have we changed the world?

In a time like this, when the world was still looking for an effective and error-free alternative for eCommerce freight auditing reports, we began our journey.

We worked on the Freight Bill Audit Software for years prior to launching our first ever prototype. Many phases were completed before this first launch. First, our experts took a closer look at all the factors causing errors and discrepancies in the final audit reports. After this, we decided to introduce a feature that completely changed the freight auditing world as we knew it.

Freight squirrel auditing software is the first software to include the feature of parameter customization.

But what’s more important is that our parameters customization feature doesn’t impact the overall final audit report except for the mentioned discrepancies. Most other auditing software programs available in the market aren’t as effective once the parameters are changed.

These changes corrupt the overall audit report structure generated by such software, filling the final audit report with more errors instead of removing them.

Securing the user data

Data privacy is one of the most prominent concerns raised by eCommerce setup owners. In the world of eCommerce, leads are everything. In simple words, leads are potential clients that require the services of a particular eCommerce store.

As you can already imagine, confidential data like this can’t be shared with anyone, especially with competitors. Accountant-based auditing couldn’t contain this issue effectively. This leads-based data was pirated and sold to other eCommerce stores for a certain amount of time. It was an extremely unprofessional and illegal activity.

To combat this issue, Freight Squirrel Auditing Software specifically focused on solving this. The whole software setup was coded with highly end-to-end encrypted coding techniques.

This allows the software to develop an anti-theft working framework that can store data effectively. Once the setup is integrated into the central warehouse server, all the data is encrypted by the software to the securest level possible.

That’s why access to this data is limited to only a few authorized personnel working in the warehouse or company officials. With this feature, we have entirely eradicated the data theft cases for our esteemed clients.


5 Perks of Using Freight Squirrel’s Software

Freight bills often cause e-commerce businesses losses of up to thousands of dollars every month. Business owners are shocked over their profits shrinking and budget getting out of control.

The miscalculations from courier companies causes businesses a gradual loss of large sums of money. Courier companies overcharge for shipping your consignments. So, to identify these mistakes, a solution is required.

You could use manual invoice auditing, however, that would not only consume your time but also lead to errors and mistakes. Hiring a third-party freight auditor would be a poor use of your time and money as they are slower, less efficient, and substantially more expensive.

The best way to overcome freight billing issues is to get Freight bill management softwareThis will save you the trouble of dealing with thousands of invoices and paying unnecessary money to overpriced third-party Freight auditors.

When it comes to which freight audit software is the best, Freight Squirrel auditing software is the answer. It is the premier freight bill management software that will cater to all your needs and prevent you from being overcharged.

7 Perks of Having Freight Squirrel Auditing Software

Let’s discuss the 7 top perks of having Freight Squirrel software for Freight auditing.


Freight Squirrel auditing software is the best freight audit software available in the market, offering affordable pricing plans. You can do in-house auditing all by yourself without the hassle of hiring third parties and spending extra cash.

Quick and efficient: 

Freight Squirrel is the quickest software that efficiently compares the data and calculates the discrepancies of your freight invoices. Follow three simple steps and get a complete report, highlighting each invoice’s detail in 4 seconds.

Saves time and money: 

Using this software will save you both time and money. You will no longer have to sit down and spend hours sorting out hundreds of invoices, nor would you have to lose any money by being overcharged.

Easy to use: 

Freight Squirrel auditing software is super easy to operate. You can master it within 5 minutes and use it like a pro. You must only upload your CSV files and the courier invoices for scanning, put the information about your consignment number, cubic, cost, and weight into the standard row, click on the compare function and get the detailed report showing the logistics. You can easily download the report in PDF or CSV format.

Amazing features: 

The fantastic features of Freight Squirrel include-

  • Dashboard Analytics: 

The detailed analytics displayed through a graph help you keep up with the total cost, cubic, and weight overcharges. You get the option of setting up separate profiles of courier companies to keep track of which ones are suitable to work with and which ones overcharge you frequently.

  • Complete Automated Process: 

Freight Squirrel offers a complete automated auditing process for your convenience. You need to enter your login details for your freight system manifest and courier. The software takes all the required information to make comparisons between your courier invoice and freight system manifest to provide you with logistics reports.

  • Report Saving: 

The reports get saved with date stamps so that you can keep all reports organized by the date on a single platform. These reports get saved to your dashboard as well, so your manifest freight system always remains updated.

  • Report Sorting: 

Sorting invoice reports couldn’t be more straightforward. You can conveniently sort billing reports based on highest to lowest overcharge.

  • Download the reports: 

Download the reports in PDF or CSV format to match your configuration system. You can send the downloaded report to the courier company and immediately demand a refund for all the overcharging.

Why choose Freight Squirrel? 

Choose Freight Squirrel because this software can figure out even the slightest errors made by courier companies within seconds. This software will take away your headache of handling daily courier invoices manually so you can invest your time expanding your business.

All e-commerce businesses deal with Freight bills that do not seem right and get stuck in the hassle of figuring out who made a mistake. Now, you can sit back and relax while Freight Squirrel lets you know who miscalculated the logistics and where the error was made with specifications.

Get in touch with us by filling in a form or chatting with us on our website to ask any questions about Freight Squirrel. We highly appreciate your queries and feedback and try our best to respond to you as quickly as possible.



Top Reasons to Choose Freight Squirrel Audit Software

In the 21st century, eCommerce is the key to generating a stable and highly rewarding retail business. However, considering the competition around the globe, finding a firm spot in the world of eCommerce is quite a difficult task, especially if you don’t acquire the services of a top-notch freight auditing company.

Here at freight squirrel, we have made things easy for you. With our freight audit software, there’s no need for you to contact every freight company for the slightest of errors. Everything will be transmitted back to your work PC.

One Software for all your needs.

The primary reason behind developing the freight auditing software was to reduce human involvement as much as possible. Manually auditing your freight leaves room for human error, which can significantly impact your final audit report.

Freight Squirrel’s auditing software is the best solution for this devastating waste of time and resources. Moreover, our Software doesn’t even need multiple checkpoints to access and analyze the data. Connect the Software with the centralized work computer, and that’s it.

End of outsourcing

Around the globe, most eCommerce retailers and service providers have got no other choice than to outsource their data to a third party. The third party then charges a hefty fee for their service. In the end, after a long waiting period, the company gets its final audit report back. But what’s worse is that there is still no guarantee that the report is 100% accurate and reliable.

But with our freight audit software, this long and expensive journey of outsourcing will finally come to an end.

How effectively does Freight Auditing software work?

There are three steps involved in the overall operation of the Freight Squirrel auditing software, which makes it super effective.

Uploading data

In the first step, all data must be uploaded into the software upload folder. This data includes the dedicated invoices that need to be audited, multiple system files, etc.

Although the freight auditing software does allow the user to input files in pdf format, CSV file format is recommended here. The CSV file system will enable the Software to access all of the data quickly.

Adding all the dedicated variables and factors

After successfully analyzing the data, our freight auditing software will allow the user to select the dedicated parameters associated with the files. This lets the Software know exactly the kind of error operator it is looking for.

All you need to do is select the standard row to add the consignment number. And finally, add the required number of comparison rows for factors such as the weight, cubic, and the cost of the set of consignments.

Let the magic begin.

That is all that’s needed to be done from your side. The rest is up to the freight auditing software. As soon as you click on the compare function, Freight Squirrel’s auditing software will begin to compare the data you provided earlier based on the parameters marked.

A super high-tech freight auditing software allows you to get a complete and elaborate report of all the inconsistencies observed in the provided parameters. Moreover, you can easily rank each report from the highest to the lowest amount of overcharge, as well as download the report you were looking for and forward it to your courier service provider.

Ability to compare size and weight accordingly

Most other auditing software and auditing houses will show you that nothing is wrong. But when you are using our freight auditing software, you will get updates regarding any incorrect charge that has taken place in the set of provided data. It shows you the errors that have occurred at some point in the consignment operation.

Be sure to get in contact with us to benefit from our top-tier Freight Auditing software.


Why Freight Squirrel Is Considered One of The Best Audit Software?

Numerous businesses prefer to get their freight bills audited manually. In reality, they are not yet aware of the potential benefits of using tools like Freight Squirrel. If you are using fright audit tools or know a little about them, you can understand how beneficial they are and save you from the hassle.

What is Freight Squirrel?

Freight Squirrel is the freight auditing software that allows you to sit back and relax while it reviews and audits all your transportation invoices in seconds.

An advantage of this software is that it makes complex things easy such as finding carrier charges, inconsistencies, etc.

By implementing Freight Squirrel as a part of your business and management process, you will gain a deeper insight into how you can reduce freight charges and manage transportation resources.

When compared to manual audits, Freight Squirrel is a quicker more effective option that ensures fewer mistakes.

What will Freight Squirrel do for you?

  • Save on shipping costs
  • Identify miscalculations
  • Detect overcharges by courier companies
  • Save time
  • Help grow your business
  • Clear impact on your bottom line
  • Get a guaranteed refund from courier companies

Why Freight Squirrel?

According to successful owners of eCommerce stores, Freight Squirrel is one of the most reliable software companies that audit’s business’s invoices. It helps to expand your customer base and allows you to break into new markets.

So, if your profit margins are shrinking and your shipping costs are uncontrollable, then Freight Squirrel is the best option for you. It will detect errors and if your invoices are inaccurate, it will alert you so you can improve your business.

It can be hard to manage your eCommerce store if your consignments are going to different countries.

You might not understand why your profits are shrinking, but with the help of this tool, you will be able to identify all the areas where your business needs improvement. Identifying the problem is often the most challenging stage; if you can detect the problem, then finding the solution will be easy.

How does it work?

Freight Squirrel is an efficient software that provides the best experience and proves to be the best in the market for freight auditing bills. The process of freight bill auditing includes:

Uploading the invoices – the tool puts all the invoice data into the editable online system.

Categorization – The tool will then arrange the invoices according to their date. You have the choice to sort the invoices from oldest to newest or newest to oldest. It compares the freight charges across time and calculates whether you are paying more or less compared to the last months or years.

Verification – Verification of the charges is the most challenging step if you perform the audit manually. However, with the help of the tool, you can easily comb through the info and see where the charges differ from the carrier contract.

Analyzing the data – After reading your data, the tool will give you suggestions on how to improve the efficiency of the costs.

Final suggestions will provide you with the data and stats necessary to help you achieve your organizational goals with the most effective freight plan. So, if you are still confused about this tool, use the free trial; we are sure you will love it.

What are we planning for the future?

Freight Squirrel is working on a project that is going to change the process of freight auditing. The new version of Freight Squirrel will be fully automated, downloading all the relevant information and developing a report for you.

All you must do is select the courier and freight system you use. The software will be available for you at an excellent price.

The good news is, most of the work is done by the tool, entering the final phase. All we can do is wait for it with our fingers crossed. (Take this shit out)

Final verdict 

In a nutshell, if you want your business to grow and flourish, work smart with Freight Squirrel. Our team of professionals is always ready to make your freight auditing experience as easy as possible.


The Working Mechanism of Freight Auditing Software

Are you here to learn about Freight bill management software? Well, we have got you covered. As an e-commerce business owner, you must have faced an imbalance in finances and budgeting because, in a business, several departments need your complete attention. But some things still easily manage to slip out of sight that makes you lose money in the end.

Freight bills are one of the reasons why your budget could feel out of place. Often due to the errors made by the carrier company in the freight invoicing, you could be paying more than the actual amount.

To prevent the loss of money due to over-billing, Freight Squirrel helps businesses catch shipment invoice errors and negotiate shipping rates with the carrier company.

Many businesses take care of the freight audit manually or hire third-party audit service providers to verify the billing accuracy. But dealing with complex logistics wouldn’t be very efficient in finding errors. Also, you’d have to pay a hefty amount of fees to the audit service provider. So, here comes the option of Freight bill management software.

The Freight Squirrel auditing software tool is an efficient way of verifying freight bills in-house at a fraction of the cost that you’d pay to a third party.

How does Freight Squirrel auditing software work? 

The freight squirrel audit software checks every detail in your shipment contract through the CSV files. It then compares those details to your courier invoice. If the details such as the weight and size of the consignment mentioned in your input data and the courier invoice match, then it will indicate that you’re paying the right amount. But, if there are any inconsistencies present in the details, you will immediately be notified that the courier company has overcharged you.

This software not only detects the mismatches in the weight and size but also checks the differences between your current expenses and freight base rate, so you become aware of the overcharges. In a nutshell, even if some information matches, the software will still pick up on the slightest errors and discrepancies present in the invoice.

Another great feature is that you can save your previous reports in the software. This will help keep everything organized in one place. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about sorting through hundreds of invoices and being confused. The automated freight auditing process of Freight Squirrel will handle everything.

How to use Freight Squirrel Auditing Software? 

Freight squirrel audit software is one of the leading software companies in the tech market that works by creating accurate and precise Freight audits for your business.

Step 1: Upload your courier/carrier invoice and freight system CSV files

The first step is easy. Upload your carrier/courier invoice and freight system CSV files. The software will scan through your data so you must ensure that you upload all CSV files.

Step 2: Add required information in the rows

Select the same row where you put in your consignment number, then add the Cost, Cubic, and Weight in the required comparison rows.

Step 3: Run the compare function 

The third step is to run the compare function. You’ll get a detailed report of all Cost, Cubic, and Weight disparities for each package. Your invoices will never get mixed up again, and you’ll be able to sort out every consignment’s billing details separately, ranging from highest to the lowest overcharge.

Step 4: Download the Report

Download the report to a PDF or CSV format with ease and share it with your carrier/courier service company.

This software is easy to master! The mentioned steps only take 4 seconds to process all the information you need to examine your freight bills. Our efficiency and effectiveness are what makes Freight Squirrel Auditing Software the best in the market.

You do not have to sacrifice thousands of dollars to the courier companies anymore. Freight Squirrel auditing software will:

  • Provide simplified reports of the courier invoices
  • Provide accurate data on the billing process
  • Save you time and money on the shipment costs
  • Deliver a straightforward comparison of the freight rates
  • Highlight invoice errors
  • Help you claim refunds
  • Automate the freight auditing process

Check out Freight Squirrel auditing software today and never lose your money unjustly again.


Strategies You Can Use To Reduce The Freight Charges

Even after the significant advancements in the transport industry, freight expenses are still one of the major expenses of businesses that deal in large quantities. It directly impacts the profits and growth of companies. So, if you are a business owner, it is vital that you adopt the best strategies to cut costs and increase profits. After analyzing different companies, we made a list of techniques to help you manage cheaper and reliable freight for your business.

Always ship in bulk

Most of the time, retailers look for smaller shipments, giving incentives to the customers to purchase in bulk. All you have to do is convince your customers to buy in bulk quantities as it is cheaper to ship six packages at once than to send three packages every two days. If you follow this strategy, you can potentially save 50% freight audit charges compared to the smaller consignments where minimum costs may be charged even if your consignment is very small.

Develop relationships

By signing yearly contracts, you can build a good relationship with carriers. It is a win-win situation for both parties. By keeping the charges fixed for a year, you can save 3.5% per year. In addition to that, you can also predict profits accurately if you already know the freight charges.

Use audit software

Businesses lose millions of dollars to courier companies due to their miscalculations. Your business suffers consistent losses each time they overcharge you. That’s where audit software comes in to help you track the total overcharge and suggest where courier services are charging you too much. is one of the famous websites that provides you the freight audit in just four seconds.

The software can identify differences in the dead weight, cubic weight, and price. So, what’s the point of spending your hard-earned money on external or internal audits when you can do it accurately with audit software help?

We all know how frustrating it is to audit the invoices, and it gets more tedious when it piles up on your desk. What do you do in this situation? You would ask any of your office staff members to check for its accuracy. Now you would start to notice that your profit margin is shrinking, and your shipping cost is increasing. There are multiple tiny errors that the human eye can skip, such as the scanned package can be wrong, or the rates offered to you can be incorrect. So, let this professional software handle your invoice audit and help you save.

Ship off-peak 

Although it depends on the nature of the good, by choosing, when possible, to ship off-peak, it will save many expenses. If you send large volumes on off-peak days, you will be able to reduce costs significantly.

Reduce dead space

This is one of the best ways to reduce freight, and multiple businesses already use this strategy to improve their business operations. If you reduce the dead space in packaging, this will reduce the weight and the size of the parcel; hence the courier services will charge less for consignment.

Select the best way of transportation 

There are no more than three ways to ship your goods. You can ship by air, ship, or ground. So, you must decide between these three options. If you are shipping goods locally, the most preferred way is to ship by ground.

On the other hand, if you have a large consignment and send it to any other part of the world, you should send it by ship as it is the easiest and cheapest way to send the goods out. The only downside is that it requires time. Air shipping is only recommended to those who can afford it, and who make good profits even after air shipping.

Final verdict 

Shipping your products to any part of the world is easy and cheap, so don’t fall into the trap of expensive shipping. You should always strive to reduce expenses as this is the only way to make your business more profitable and competitive in the market. Choose Freight Squirrel for better options.


Five Disadvantages of Not Using an Audit Software Like Freight Squirrel

Auditing software programs are a great as they help plug any leaking revenues. The auditing software programs bring a sigh of relief while dealing with the calculations beyond comprehension, say for freight transportation.

There are many freight auditing software programs competing in the market. It is generally believed that having audit software like Freight AuditSoftware is essential in sustaining freight-related businesses.

Here, in this blog, we discuss the six significant losses that a freight business owner could experience while not consulting with an audit software like Freight Squirrel.

First Disadvantage: Loss of Revenue 

The slight but constant seepage of money because of courier miscalculations could push your business to the brink of bankruptcy.

If you run a freight transportation business and blindly trust statements generated by courier services, you are potentially losing thousands of dollars. Courier companies are prone to making mistakes, whether it be intentional or inadvertently. These mistakes may help them siphon off some extra money. But, in the longer run, the discrepancies eat up your profits. Money is the lifeline of any business, and if this vital factor is being affected during every transaction, business sustainability is a rare occurrence.

Second Disadvantage: Burgeoning Workforce

Whether complete or targeted, the audit is necessary; doing a targeted forensic audit requires an army of dedicated professionals.

At some juncture, the business owner must conduct a forensic audit. This on-off audit needs to hire, outsource, or maintain a large workforce. Moreover, this workforce is not at par with AI-laced technology. Empirical data also corroborates that the manpower is more challenging to cater to. On the flip side, software like Freight Squirrel Audit Software is easy to maintain, has zero human interaction, and accomplishes delicate tasks instantly.

Third Disadvantage: Breach of Sensitive Information

The manual audit requires unsolicited human interaction. The workforce can leak confidential information about financial health to your business rivals. Moreover, the freight audit truly depicts the operational capabilities of an organization. In short, the business is always vulnerable and at the mercy of potentially inadequate workers. On the other hand, Freight Auditing Software confidentially conducts audits.

In comparison, the data is wiped out from the software servers right after completing the task. There is no backup in case of a cyber-attack. The freight transportation data is secure and just confined to your bust.

Fourth Disadvantage: Time Wastage

Time is crucial for E-Commerce businesses

The manual audit eats up a significant chunk of time as the professional auditors comply with all bureaucratic protocols. This fraction is unfeasible in the cut-throat competition. Every moment you lag behind snowballs into a more significant deficit. Freight Squirrel Auditing Software is an excellent solution that offers the quickest audit. The period is less than four minutes. Freight Squirrel is ideal for time conscious business owners.

Fifth Disadvantage: Analytics and freight trends are unavailable

Lack of knowledge of market trends leave you high and dry.

Freight Squirrel Auditing Software highlights courier discrepancies, stock price fluctuations, freight trends, and market comparisons. Entrepreneurs unaware of this vital information are at risk of being left behind in such a competitive market.

Closing the Disadvantages Checklist

The significant consequences of using outdated freight auditing methods include loss of precious time and money, hiring an external auditor, breach of data and above all, indirect obfuscation to the changing freight trend. There is one solution to all of these problems – Freight Squirrel.


Seven Things that Make ‘Freight Squirrel’ the Best Auditing Software Company

It is a bitter reality that hundreds of thousands of dollars are being stolen in broad daylight because of courier miscalculations. Auditing software programs are a significant relief that aims to identify discrepancies and make the company’s financial health serene. It is pertinent invest in a reliable software that incorporates all the technicalities that an accountant otherwise carries out.

“Freight Squirrel” is a fantastic auditing software that will put a stop to any miscalculations made by courier companies. Our analysts have found seven impressive aspects that Freight Audit Software offers.

First Reason: A Super Time Cutter 

Save precious time while using Freight Squirrel.

A decade ago, a business person could only imagine a freight audit being done in just 4 seconds. Hiring invoice auditing is outdated, and hiring audit companies is heavy on the budget; the only viable option is Freight Squirrel. The developed Software is glitch-free, Freight Audit Software does not require maintenance and hence saves time.

Second Reason: Precise to the bone

Freight Squirrel ensures 100% accuracy.

Almost all auditing software programs manipulate data. Freight Audit Software is considered the best among others considering its 100% precision. A slight discrepancy will not be ignored once it comes under the radar of this excellent courier-hunt software.

Third Reason: Optimal Usability
The software is simple and easy to use

Freight Auditing Software has a unique and straightforward interface. There is no prior IT experience needed to do the audit aptly.

The portal requires uploading the courier invoice into the Freight Squirrel auditing software. This prior invoice is required as the software also counterchecks and matches the resulting numbers to the shipment data you agreed upon with the courier.

Furthermore, the consignment number, cubic, cost, and weight comparison mitigate the risk of any potential mistake. The comprehensive filters hand in an easy-to-read report that successfully identifies any mistakes.

Fourth Reason: Saves Money at Both Ends

Freight Squirrel is available in multiple affordable packages and will save you a lot of money by bringing discrepancies to your attention.

Freight Auditing Software costs way less than other courier auditing software that’s available in the market. It is relatively economical. Besides the low seed cost, this freight dealing software saves you from the menace of overbilling through an organized and neat audit.

The courier companies also succumb to the demand once they see the heights of professionalism. The professional way of picking up blunders makes the company claim easy refunds. According to some precise estimates, the Freight Squirrel Auditing Software helps to save up to 7% on logistics.

Fifth Reason: Helps you to Stay Ahead in Dog-eat-dog Competition

The use of technology helps you better understand the business maneuvers and shape your strategies.

Technology is always the precursor of business success. All successful businesses have already been onboard a technological ride as the business landscape is dotted with lurking dangers and stiff competition. Businesses are always looking for cost-saving opportunities to stay afloat.

Freight Squirrel Auditing Software is a tool that can give you the upper hand in a competitive market. Having valuable analytics right at your hand allows you to compare the courier cost of different agencies, minimally picking up the best one. Freight Squirrel is a must-have for e-commerce businesses.

Sixth Reason: Detects Courier Rate Fluctuations Automatically

Get real-time insights about what’s been changing in the freight world.

The courier rates are constantly fluctuating rapidly as per any country’s economic situation. As some couriers extend discount rates and different packages and the net rate is challenging to ascertain. This exciting feature of Freight Squirrel Auditing Software allows you to find out any upward change in rate. Hence, by the process of extreme automation, the Freight Squirrel user always lands the best quote.

Seventh Reason: Saves you from Major Headaches

Run your business with extreme comfort

The complexities of manually auditing freight invoices takes a toll on the mental health of the business owner. The only viable solution is to delegate this unnecessary task to Freight Squirrel Auditing Software which allows you to run your business happily.

Packing up the Freight!

We are sure that you are now convinced of Freight Squirrel’s efficiency after going through the seven wonders of Freight Squirrel. Freight Squirrel is cost efficient, usable, precise, competitive, and a significant relief for emerging and established businesses.


How Does an Auditing Software Company Like Freight Squirrel Help You Identify and Fix Human Error?

Every year hundreds of thousands of businesses turn to automation and hire auditing software programs like Freight Squirrel Auditing Software. There’s no denying that Freight Squirrel is the best alternative to manual auditing. In this blog, we will explain the main ways by which Freight Audit Software can help you remove human error.

First Human Error: Miscalculations and Typos

Freight Squirrel aptly brings any miscalculations to your attention

First, discrepancies in the freight courier statement include overstatements, miscalculations, and typos. These often-repeating mistakes occur on both sides, first at the courier side and secondly at the business side during the manual audit. Nevertheless, Freight Squirrel Auditing Software eradicates human errors. The errors are readily detected and can save your company thousands of dollars.

Second Human Error: Deliberate Manipulation of Data

Freight Squirrel points out any manipulated data caused by courier companies

The primary function of the Freight Auditing Software is to point out mistakes, claim refunds and bring financial relief to business owners. Sometimes courier companies deliberately increase the net cost. This can occur in a variety of ways such as fudging actual price, omitting discounts, or adding surplus amounts. Nonetheless, Freight Squirrel is the best financial investigator that does not let this happen. The thorough process highlights the intentional errors made courier companies.

Third Human Error: No countercheck of finalized statements

Freight Squirrel endorses the e-statements after validation of data.

Humans trust each other. That’s why, more than often, the statements or audits done by humans do not go through data validation by counterchecking. However, when completed by Freight Squirrel Auditing Software, audits are done through proper data validation. ‘Mistake’ is a non-existent word in the vocabulary of Freight Squirrel.

Fourth Human Error: Freight comparisons cannot be maintained when complex math is involved.

Freight Squirrel analyzes the cost patterns and freight trends.

This error occurs because a human mind cannot map the freight trends and cost patterns amid the pandemic uncertainty, soaring oil prices, and ever-increasing freight costs. If an employee tries to muddle through this, they always land into the landmines of errors and mistakes making things more difficult for managers. Freight Squirrel Auditing Software rectifies the discrepancies and analyzes the cost patterns and frequency of freight on the flip side. In the end, these analytics are effective and give a comparative edge to the company.

Finalizing the Man Vs. Freight Squirrel Debate

It is concluded that although human developers design auditing software like Freight Squirrel, this has finally surpassed the creators’ intellect. The above four exciting comparisons show that Freight Squirrel Auditing Software is superior to manual audits. Get your free trial now!


How Can Freight Squirrel be Beneficial for an E-Commerce Store

Freight Squirrel is a freight auditing sophisticated software built to find courier discrepancies within four minutes. Freight Auditing Software has secured its place among the top-performing auditing software within a short time, due to the high grades of usability, efficiency, agility, and portability. Although Freight Squirrel is an in-demand auditing software for almost all kinds of businesses requiring freight audit, it is most sought-after by E-Commerce companies.

In this blog, we will elaborate on how a little investment in the hiring of Freight Audit Software could boost your e-commerce business to new heights.

Benefit # 01: Cater to the extended freight transactions

E-Commerce store businesses rely heavily on courier transactions; Freight Squirrel caters to the backlog single-handedly.

Courier services play a vital role in E-Commerce businesses. But more online transactions mean more chances of data manipulation by courier services. Nonetheless, Freight Auditing Software could easily cater to the largest freight courier statements and scan a single statement within four minutes with 100% accuracy. The human workforce cannot cater to such complex work.

Benefit # 02: Review Discrepancies in Every Single Freight Transaction

E-Commerce store businesses run on a cluster of small-scale transactions; Freight Squirrel prohibits freight companies from overcharging you and affecting your profit margins.

E-commerce stores typically attain hundreds of thousands of sales, ranging from a few cents to a thousand dollars. Every sale has its different global destination, and a separate transaction for courier service is generated. Freight Auditing Software individually caters to every single transaction and brings anomalies to the limelight. If an audit is not done, then the minor anomalies emerge as a significant deficit at the end of the day.

Benefit # 03: Provide Business Intelligence Analytics

E-commerce stores need accurate and relevant data to compete with their rivals; Freight Squirrel provides these important facts during the audit.

The accurate, intelligent reporting about freight can create new opportunities for your business. There is no longer a need for expensive data mining services once you understand the faudit reports. Freight Auditing Software informs you of the stolen dollars and notifies the sale’s route, supply, and dynamics. This data is more precious than gold for online businesses. Moreover, the information also lets entrepreneurs untangle significant issues and make informed data-driven decisions. Freight Auditing Software also informs the store about the global tariffs, shortages, market conditions, and policies.

Benefit # 04: Optimally Serves Internet Users

Online buyers have a different demand matrix; Freight Squirrel knows and works accordingly.

Online buyers are intelligent people who want to have everything at home without stepping out. Backlog of mundane company audits hit the supply lines and eventually perturbs the potential buyers. Nevertheless, Freight Auditing Software never customers go dissatisfied owing to the following reasons. Firstly, it is quick by accomplishing the freight audit within four minutes, and secondly, it finds the hidden errors at first glance. The swift internal processing allows E-Commerce websites to enjoy extra freedom in running business affairs without distractions.

Benefit # 05: Saves Human Resources 

As per empirical estimates, Freight Squirrel accomplishes the auditing work of 100 auditors at the same time.

Freight Auditing Software always has the upper hand over the manpower of running an online or brick-and-mortar store. It drastically reduces the cost of housing, training, and maintaining auditors. Moreover, the preciseness of Freight Squirrel is far better, and it is not prone to human errors. The auditing software is easy to maintain and does not require regular updates.


Freight Squirrel is a fantastic auditing software to find courier discrepancies in only a few minutes. However, the need of incorporating Freight Squirrel into E-Commerce stores is highly valued considering the following reasons:

E-Commerce stores deal with small-scale but expanded transactions, making complex audits an easy-going task. Freight Squirrel entertains every single transaction regardless of its value.It provides business analytics.

Highly advantageous for online businesses, and last but not least, the ability to remove expensive human resources.It is high time to take your online store to the next level with the Freight Squirrel Auditing Software.