Changing the Ecommerce Financial Reporting With Freight Squirrel Auditing Software

The whole eCommerce industry is considered one of the greatest marvels of the internet. Sitting in your living room and ordering stuff from another continent that is delivered to your doorstep within a few days. It is almost like magic in its purest form.

According to verified worldwide eCommerce statistics, in the year 2021, the eCommerce industry is estimated at around 4.89 trillion USD!

That’s like the total amount generated by combining the whole economic worth of the world’s major superpowers. According to experts, there is a certain reason why this industry grew.

The comfort that’s included for the user. Just a few clicks are all one needs to order their favourite products.

But what seems to be convenient for the user is the most challenging part to be executed for an eCommerce store owner and staff.

Keeping the orders in line, packaging and dispatching stuff, keeping in touch with the courier service provider. There’s too much to handle without proper support and guidance, especially financial reporting for your consignments.

And this is where Freight bill checking software is changing the whole picture. This software is all you need to keep your financial reports in a manageable and accurate condition.

What do we do differently?

We are often asked this question. Out of all the other auditing software programs available in the market, what makes Freight Squirrel Auditing Software special or different than the others?

According to our experts, the secret lies in the two amazing techniques and practices the Freight Squirrel auditing software follows.

Firstly, we believe in keeping the data of each user as secure as possible. There’s no way our software is mistakenly going to leak out some data unless authorized to do so.

That’s why our whole software is based around our goal of achieving the highest possible level of data encryption that can only be accessed by authorized personal.

This is the same reason why the number of the authorized people that can be registered with the software is very limited.

Secondly, we have designed the Freight  Auditing Software to be adaptable to any parameter of entry change according to the user’s requirement.

No matter what kind of changes you want to make at the last minute whether it be cubic, weight, or even the cost, Freight Squirrel auditing software will automatically adapt to the new changes introduced. This will allow you to get a verified and discrepancies-free financial audit report.

Do we follow the formulated auditing rules?

Of course, we do. This lays the very foundation of the error-free financial auditing services we offer. The most important advantage of using software for financial auditing is that you can manually set the regions and countries on high-end software such as the Freight Auditing Software.

Changing the region of the software will allow the user to get a verified final freight audit report following the dedicated financial auditing rules and techniques issued by the respective audit regulating authority.

In other words, you’re going to get the most accurate freight audit report no matter which region your eCommerce site is working in if you’re using the Freight Squirrel audit software.

Also, following certain auditing principles is important to keep everything legal. The final audit report is going to be verified by a related auditing authority as well.

That’s why any forced discrepancy or miscalculation can also result in legal actions taken against your eCommerce setup.

Directing the future of financial freight audit software

Not very long ago, there was a time when accountants were the only option available for ecommerce businesses. This increased the risk of potential error as well as the possibility of important data getting leaked out.

This was the only option for freight auditing for quite some time until the concept of auditing software was introduced.

We are glad to state that the Freight Squirrel auditing software was one of the pioneer auditing software companies that laid the foundation of the financial industry and business-based auditing.

Freight Squirrel auditing software is leading in this industry. That’s why we focus on introducing new and better features. The whole concept of parameter customization and encrypted data-keeping are features that we have contributed to the financial freight audit software industry.

And according to our vision, the Freight Squirrel Auditing Software will continue to do so.

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