Does Freight Audit Software Allow Parameters Customization?

In eCommerce, especially in the last decade, freight auditing has become an important step to keep the business model effective.

Most of the time, courier services are always looking for a point to score some invalid profit like submitting overcharged or incomplete invoices.

Now, being a successful e-commerce site that puts its heart and soul into delivering every single parcel, you have two options. First, you can approve this overcharging or overbilling.

You may think that these small overbilling will not affect your store that much. But considering the bigger picture, these small miscalculations and irregular invoices can damage your site’s overall reputation unimaginably. In seconds, you can set up auditing software, like Freight Auditing Auditing Solutions in your warehouse.

This will allow you to get a verified and workable audit report for each consignment. Therefore, you can question and oppose this overbilling by sending them the official report. The software also allows you to customize consignment parameters.

What kind of parameter customization is offered by the Freight Squirrel Audit Software?

As one of the leading auditing software companies globally, freight squirrel audit software allows parameter customization options for each consignment. These three parameters are as follows.

  • Firstly, for each consignment, the Freight Squirrel audit software allows the user to manually adjust the overall cost of the whole consignment or even individual entries. This allows the user to compare multiple consignments or entries in the end—all based on whether there are any discrepancies mentioned in the final report.
  • Secondly, we have the cubic customization option. In terms of freight, cubic defines the overall volume of the consignment or individual entry. The cubic parameter customization is usually pinpointed when there are multiple cubic entries within a single consignment.
  • Thirdly, the overall weight of each consignment or entry. Generally, the criteria for placing multiple entries in a single consignment are the weight of each package. This helps the workers to sort various packages in the warehouse. That’s why the weight parameter customization is specifically added in Freight Squirrel auditing software.

Is parameter customization even important?

In simple words, yes, it is. Let’s say you hire an accountant or buy some auditing software to get an audit report whenever the time demands. One day, there are a bunch of discrepancies located in one of the major consignments.

After an initial investigation of the data, you know that some consignments’ weight was mistakenly written wrong. This was corrupting the entire final audit report.

Now, if you have hired an accountant to do the job, we both know how much he’ll charge for a simple change in the final audit report. It’s just too expensive to be workable. On the other hand, if you have bought software that doesn’t allow parameter customization, you’re facing an even bigger issue.

Due to the software not having the parameter customization feature, you’ll need to manually insert each entry with the right parameters which is time consuming and tedious.

Keeping in mind all these factors mentioned above, Freight Squirrel auditing software decided that it was time to completely change this obsolete system.

That’s why Freight Squirrel auditing software allows the user to change certain sections of weight, cubic, and cost parameters of any consignment or entry.

But isn’t parameter customization illegal?

We don’t know why, but this is one of the most asked questions here. Before answering these questions, let us discuss what is illegal and legally based on prevailing auditing laws.

According to law, every eCommerce store needs a verified final audit report to claim any overbilling or overcharge.

Remember, there must be no discrepancy in the audit report as the data will be thoroughly checked and evaluated by the related regulating authority.

The audit report must be generated using authorized auditing software such as the Freight Squirrel audit software or a chartered accountant.

Some certain laws and techniques must be followed while auditing the freight consignments.

Lastly, the final audit report must not be altered in any way possible. The slightest change will be caught eventually as it will disrupt the complete structure of the audit report.

You can’t alter parameter structures as authorities may contact or visit your warehouse to ensure that everything is in line. The same thing goes with using the audit report to counter any overcharging or overbilling claim.

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