Freight Squirrel Audit: Making Ecommerce Auditing Easy

As an e-commerce business owner, it is tricky to handle every operation on your own as you must supervise production, marketing ideas, customer satisfaction, and a hundred other things. Freight bills might become a heavy burden that lags your business behind if you don’t get proper auditing reports.

You don’t have time to waste on every single detail. That’s why we are here to provide you with a good solution that could make e-commerce freight auditing easier and manageable for you.

When you are looking for a convenient solution for freight auditing, clearly Freight Squirrel is the answer. You can count on our freight auditing software for bill-checking freight audits.

Freight Squirrel is a capable freight auditing software that allows you to analyse thousands of courier invoices within seconds by comparing the bills with your freight system manifest and showing you definite results.

Freight Squirrel understands:

Like you, the creators of Freight Squirrel faced the same challenges in the e-commerce business world. The inexplicable courier shipping costs caused our e-commerce company several repercussions, and it was too tough to catch errors and pinpoint every mistake manually.

Hence, our company understands where you are coming from by going through the same experiences and cycle of chaos caused by freight charges. We didn’t want any other e-commerce businesses that sell on online platforms like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and other sites to lose money the way we did.

So, we came up with the idea of Freight Squirrel. Freight Squirrel is an easy-to-use software that would save e-commerce businesses from overpaying freight bills and relying on expensive and unaffordable third-party freight audit firms to calculate the invoices.

Freight Squirrel allows you to do bill checking freight audits in-house on your own. Our software cuts down the time consumption and saves you both extra money and never-ending effort. With Freight Squirrel at your service, you won’t have to worry about miscalculation anymore.

What can Freight Squirrel offer for optimal freight auditing?

Freight Squirrel can offer you more than you can think. It can help you figure out whether an error occurred from your side, or your courier company made a mistake. After all, shipping consignments all over the world to your customers isn’t an easy task.

Mistakes could occur on both sides regarding the package dimensions, weight, and other aspects that allow the courier company to overcharge. You must look out for your courier company’s policies and rates beforehand so that later you can ensure that your billing is rendered according to the agreed-upon negotiations.

Comparisons done in seconds:

Freight Squirrel will help you identify errors made both from your side and your courier company’s side. You can compare thousands of invoices with your freight system manifest in a flash and figure out your next step accordingly.

Additional charges:

Freight Squirrel helps you identify any additional charges that the courier company might add to your invoice by mistake and effectively catches all prominent and minor errors.

Convenient operation:

Freight Squirrel software is super easy to operate. You can instantly learn to run the software and conveniently upload your CVS files. After uploading the CVS files, you can upload the courier invoices. Then, you add basic information like cubic and weight, etc., of your package. Clicking on the compare button gives you a detailed freight audit report.

Reasonable pricing:

Freight Squirrel offers reasonable pricing packages for using this incredible automation software that helps you to secure your revenues and invest them in profitable opportunities to expand your business.


This freight auditing software offers the below-mentioned features:

  • Dashboard Logistics
  • Automation
  • Records of Saved Reports
  • Classification of reports
  • Reports downloading

The complete automated process allows you to receive quick reports that are fully detailed. Your dashboard displays logistics and analytics that help keep track of invoice errors and sort out courier companies based on their compatibility. You can easily save reports with their dates and separate them categorically, simplifying things for you. Downloading and directly sending audit reports to your courier company has never been easier.

Final Thoughts:

After facing the same challenges in the e-commerce market, we decided to help other e-commerce businesses like us who struggle daily with freight bills and want to regulate their profits without losing a single dollar to a courier company due to overcharging.

We created Freight Squirrel thoughtfully, so you can focus on your business while the software takes care of the courier invoices. A fully automated program allows you to save time and money and direct that hard work plus investment towards the betterment of your business. You don’t need to take risks by manually trying to spot faults in the bills that could be minor and inconceivable or pay third-party firms’ big cash to do the work. Get Freight Squirrel and help yourself today by letting it handle your freight auditing.

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