Freight Squirrel Audit Software: Freight Audit in Just 4 Seconds

Many e-commerce businesses have taken over the traditional shopping market by storm. E-commerce promotes online selling and buying worldwide by pitching products to customers globally. The competition is fierce while various ventures try to survive online by providing multiple services and benefits to their customers.

You must have heard the phrase “Time is money” numerous times. There is no lie in it because time is a significant asset for those who want to achieve their goals and become the epitome of success. Therefore, as a business owner, you surely would not want to waste time doing things the hard way when they can be done quickly.

Such is our freight auditing software, Freight Squirrel that is built to provide you with convenience, a software system that automates the processes of freight auditing for you. You don’t have to break a sweat over thousands of invoices now because Freight Squirrel can take care of the laborious and time-consuming part for you.

Detriments of Freight bills without auditing:

There are several detriments of freight bills that your company could face if you do not correctly audit them. You could lose thousands of dollars each month, hindering the profit-earning margin of your business and harming the overall financial health of your entire enterprise. The primary and minor errors that casually occur in freight bills could ultimately affect your bottom line.

Hence, bill checking freight audit is a must for all e-commerce businesses. You need to pay attention to each invoice sent by your courier service provider to ensure no flaws in the calculations, and you are not overpaying the dues.

Everyday savings are not something that only households rely on. Thriving companies also rely on savings and maintaining profits to regulate cash flow. Your investments depend on how much finance you have under your belt. To keep everything in order, every single dollar counts. Therefore, you cannot be careless about freight bills at any cost.

Freight Squirrel shows results in 4 seconds:

Freight Squirrel is fast and efficient software that helps you calculate and compare freight invoices with your manifest freight system in four seconds. After all, “Time is money,” right? So, Freight Squirrel functions to honour this notion.

We understand that a busy business owner cannot afford to lose time over managing countless invoices in a single day when there are plenty of other things they could be supervising at the same time. Hence, place your trust in Freight Squirrel that shows innumerable discrepancies distinctly in a blink of an eye.

With Freight Squirrel auditing software, you do not need to burden your existing employees or put together new teams by hiring experts. You do not have to rely on costly third-party freight audit professionals and companies either. With Freight Squirrel, you will have the advantage of quickly auditing invoices in-house with complete accuracy.

Leaves no room for errors:

Freight Squirrel is always ready to help you. It doesn’t leave any room for errors. Humans are prone to making several mistakes. No matter how hard one works, there is always space for deviations and flaws that could lead to miscalculations of the freight invoices. Therefore, Freight Squirrel ensures that all data is analysed correctly, conforming to the up-to-date base rates and other valid information to give you an accurate, detailed report.

Easy to use software:

Freight Squirrel is easy to use software. You can get the hang of the entire system in few minutes and use it like a pro. With this tool, you will benefit from swiftly uploading the CSV files and invoices while the software automatically compares the invoices for you. With such convenience, you don’t have to look anywhere else because Freight Squirrel is the best option for you.

Offers cheap pricing:

Freight Squirrel offers affordable pricing plans for all e-commerce businesses. This software wants to help you boost your finances and accomplish great things while expanding your business. Therefore, the pricing plans are reasonable so that everyone can benefit from this sensational solution. You can invest in Freight Squirrel without a tinge of hesitation and trust it to do its job with precision and accuracy.

Final thoughts:

Freight Squirrel is the best auditing software for auditing invoices with precision in only 4 seconds. It sorts out all discrepancies apparent, cut and analyses all data according to the latest logistics. There is no reason why a business owner should compromise on their time or money and put the company’s future at risk. Thus, you can be rest assured that with Freight Squirrel, you will save time, and your venture would never have to pay a single dollar extra than the actual bill.

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