Freight Squirrel Audit Software: Our Journey

Freight Squirrel Auditing Software is the most suitable freight auditing software for e-commerce businesses that sell on Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. When you deal with an online business and have customers worldwide, your courier invoices often get mixed up. Sometimes you receive duplicate courier invoices, or you end up paying more than the actual payment due to miscalculations.

Such confusions are natural to occur in freight bills. Therefore, bill checking freight audit software is the only key to resolve all the issues to secure your profits from getting used up wrongly.

Our Journey:

We sell various pop culture items online to our customers all over Australia so, we deeply know and understand the pain points of a business owner.

Our journey was also filled with challenges. With our location-based in Melbourne, we used courier service for shipping items regularly. It took us some time to realize that thousands of dollars from our profits were used up in overpaying freight bills. We were being overcharged, and it was unbelievable that so much money was getting lost, merely because we did not have a proper system to recheck our invoices.

●     Struggling phase:

It is not easy to sit down and search for every error made in all freight bills. The task is daunting and complex. We couldn’t invest so much time in sorting out the freight invoices when we could indeed utilize the same time, improving our products and services for the customers. We felt stuck with the option of outsourcing the task to a third-party freight auditing firm. But that option was too costly for us. We couldn’t pursue such an expensive solution.

●     Finally, found an optimal solution:

It was time for us to think of something on our own. We needed a solution that would help save our money and allow us to audit thousands of confusing invoices in a matter of seconds. That’s when we came up with the idea of Freight Squirrel auditing software.

To come up with a convenient solution was our drive so, we finally accomplished it. With this automation tool, we rose above the mismanagement of the courier invoices and got perfect freight reports in only 4 seconds.

Freight Squirrel: A symbol of our hard work and success

Freight Squirrel is our symbol of hard work and success. After creating this stunning freight auditing software, we had to share it with the world. That’s why we decided to offer this tech to all e-commerce companies that can relate to our story and struggle with freight bills daily.

Freight Squirrel audit software is our pride because thanks to this software, we were able to overcome our adversities, and now, we know exactly where we stand. No more confusion or panic attacks due to complex freight auditing because we can quickly assess all invoices through this automatic program that analyses the logistics and gives us a ready-made report.

Freight Squirrel for everyone:

We are delighted to share our precious freight auditing software with everyone who needs a reliable system for auditing courier bills. Therefore, all e-commerce businesses are encouraged to check out Freight Squirrel. This software will make things super convenient for you.

Now, you can do in-house freight auditing without worrying about deadlines and mistakes. No errors or miscalculations would occur from your side, and you’ll be able to catch any flaw in the invoice with ease. By displaying all the discrepancies, Freight Squirrel will provide you with a comprehensive report with proper categorization.

You can easily download the freight report in a suitable format and directly send it to your courier company to claim corrections and refunds.

Freight Squirrel auditing software is:

  • Easily conceivable by a layperson who can master the program in 5 minutes
  • Straightforward and straightforward to use
  • Affordable for everyone
  • Quick and efficient
  • Best at analysing freight bills accurately
  • Helpful in saving money

Do not make the same mistakes we did:

We candidly advise you to not make the same mistakes that we did. We wasted so much of our time that eventually affected our performance, financial health, and plans for business expansion. If auditing your freight bills seems like an unimportant task, you are making a significant error by thinking this way.

Trusting your courier company is one thing but, to keep everything under your check is another matter. You should make sure that you pay the proper fee to the company and not give extra cash away.

Final Thoughts:

Freight Squirrel was created due to genuine issues that our own e-commerce company faced during our prime time. That’s why we are fully aware of your shortcomings and understand the need for this audit software more than anyone else. Freight Squirrel is completely capable of delivering accurate results in 4 seconds and can assist you in auditing like a pro. So, you can trust this software without a doubt.

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