Freight Squirrel Audit: The Complete Guide

After the internet was introduced to people around the globe, many things changed. It’s like we all magically jumped a thousand years ahead of our time in the blink of any eye.

The amount of knowledge that is now accessible for the public is truly amazing. All you need is a smart device that can access the internet.

But this is not the only domain that was affected by the rise of the internet. One thing that was changed forever was trade. Or, more appropriately put, the whole concept of ‘borderless trade.’

No matter where you are, if you want to get a desired product or service, all you need to do is fill in a few forms and click some links.

And your desired product service or product will be in front of you in a short period. This led to the development of the whole eCommerce industry as we all know it today and the need for freight auditing services.

Freight auditing software can do this task up to perfection and here’s why it’s the best!

Four seconds is all it takes

There is plenty of auditing software out there in the market. With the rising need for freight auditing services, the number of software companies that try to replicate our services also multiplied dramatically. But we both know; quality is always better than quantity. You may find software with cheaper monthly or annual subscription charges than the Freight Squirrel auditing software. But when you compare the results of both the software, you can see the discrepancies generated by the former software.

This is quite often because software programs like these aren’t interested in following the exact rules and techniques devised by the auditing authority.

They only focus on lowering the overall cost and working dynamics of the software. This leaves a ton of issues behind the source code of the software. As a result, we can easily check what happens by using such unfit software.

On the other hand, the Freight Squirrel audit software is built up to perfection following every rule and regulation mentioned by the competent auditing authority of the region.

This allows our software to generate a 100% error-free final audit report in only four seconds!

Offering parameters customization

There aren’t many auditing software programs out there that offer parameters customization and there’s a solid reason behind it, as most auditing software isn’t built to handle such level of complexity.

They are only designed to make sure that somehow the final report that’s generated is free of discrepancies. This causes a lot of questions on the overall credibility of such software as well.

But here’s why not being able to customize the parameters can corrupt or alter such software’s overall precise result generation abilities.

For any consignment, three parameters lay the foundation of freight auditing. The overall cost of each entry, the weight of each entry, and the cubic volume of each entry.

Once the entry is put into the system, most of the software locks it in. As a result, whenever the entry parameter is changed, the overall structure of the audit report gets corrupted.

Think of it as an extra feature that isn’t included in most of the software.

On the other hand, the Freight Squirrel auditing software allows users to customize each parameter for each entry of every single consignment as many times as they want. The final audit report will always be audit-free.

Privacy at its best

As a successful eCommerce setup owner, you already understand how the whole idea of leads customization works. In this business, leads are probably the most sensitive type of data that can’t be leaked at all costs. A slight negligence or error in the system and your competitor will charge you with all its might. In this business, we all understand the level of competition one faces.

To get a finalized freight audit report, you will need to show your leads and related data.

If you decide to go with an accountant, the risk of having this leaked gets even higher. There are individuals out there who can leak the data to your competitor for a fixed amount. That’s why choosing a trusted auditing software, such as the Freight Squirrel auditing software is the best option you can opt for.

The safety and privacy-oriented structure of the software allows you to input and access your data manually and only if you’re one of the authorized personals. This increases the chances of keeping your important company data always secure.

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